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I've always wanted to help people advance in life and do well alongside myself. I believe strongly that no one person can achieve great accomplishments in life, but a team can move mountains with very little effort

 You already know what you want, it could be a nice cottage, a new truck, a new house, maybe some land. maybe you've got a lot of debt you want to kick in the but.

 I promised myself id help at least 100 people every year achieve their goals, through mentorship, training, and teamwork!.

About me

From homeless to construction 

I cant say i have lived a very great life up until just a few years ago, growing up both my parents were heavy drug addicts,  i lived with my grandmother who was always putting everyone down, i eventually left to be on my own at 16 and my life started to spiral downwards, fast 

I was parting more than i was working , spending all my money on the wrong things and just making all the wrong choices .

at about 19 - 20 years old i experienced a really bad overdose leaving me unresponsive with no pulse for several minutes at my own birthday party . 
i walked away from this physically unharmed but something changed inside me that night .
i came back wanting more than parties and short term happiness . i wanted my name to mean something in this world all of the sudden and nothing was gonna stop me .

the next week i stopped selling drugs, i cut back my use of them greatly. i started working more and made work my main focus in life .
1 year later i was content on starting my own business in the next 3 years time . now sober ,healthy and free from distraction i started to chase my dreams , and i chased them hard. 
right as i was about to breakthrough at 22 yrs of age, i lost everything i owned for the 7th time in the last 8 years to a bad relationship.

despite this huge loss ,i stayed persistent in the pursuit of my dream 
i was now waking up at 330 am everyday to workout shower and hop on a bus at 5 am to be at  a work site for 630- 7 am .
i was showing up before my employers ready to kick the day in the ass .
14-15 hour days , 75 hour weeks became a regular for me .

i met my now wife Rachelle in the winter of 2017 and we opened a roofing business in the summer of 2018 , things were never easy but we always managed to get through whatever life through at us .
we worked are literal butts off day in and out tackling all the business stress alongside raising our awesome daughter Chanell .
Things were going okay, we had managed to move to a house , in a good neighborhood
eat well and have some days off .
but the debt we collected to get where we are now was starting to catch up fast ! 
my wife tried getting a few jobs elsewhere but the pay was never enough for what we needed , the stock market began to crash and less and less people were able to afford roof replacements. we had also realized that our city is way over saturated with roofers . 

i began looking for a change back in December 2019, although i love roofing and the outdoors , regular business just does not support you the way it use to. 
i found my change , this great free  opportunity that im now offering to you the same as it was to me . 

i know want to help as many of you as i can stay safe from this economic crash like i am going to !